Thursday, April 19, 2012

Top Reference Tools

If you're like me, then you are always looking for new tools to make your life easier. That's why I've arranged a few of my favorite tools to use as a reference.

Biographical Dictionary - Always handy when you're working on that long paper and you don't have time to look up proper methods for referencing your sources.
Calculators Online Center - Great place for finding all the tools to convert A to B.
ProProfs - Easy and free quiz maker that lets you track the scores of quiz takers and embed the quiz on a website.
WebMD - Because I like staying healthy, it's good to brush up on your medical knowledge so you can be self reliable in bad situations.

Also, many of the big tech companies are trying to find ways to consolidate all the reference tools you would ever need for free. Google extensions and the Apple App store all have handy tools that you can use for free.

Monday, April 2, 2012

defining the world

I have been a slacker at giving reference tips recently. So mea culpa, mea culpa!

Today we had a question about what was "service learning". We didn't have it any of the books we looked in. So I went to Google. Yes, I know Google is not necessarily a place for quality info, but I thought it would give me a starting place and then I'd judge the source.

So here is the drill - if you need a definition, start your search with the word define and then follow it with your word or words. It gave me several options which were listed under "Web Definitions for ...." at the very top.

In my results I got a "page moved", a link to educational terms from Murray State University and a Wikipedia entry. Now I knew more about the educational link, I could look in books on internships or education for more. PS - this time the Wikipedia wasn't off the mark. :)

So try "define" when you are stuck.

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