Monday, June 25, 2012

Best Reference Methods

Great Comet Over The Acid Hills.
Great Comet Over The Acid Hills. (Photo credit: @chris)
When doing references, it's important to have a few key tools at your disposal. Here are a few that are great to know about

Almanacs - An extensive calendar containing important dates and events. Always good to know when the next comet will come or what the weather is predicted to be.

Biographies - Quick and short descriptions of some of the most notable people in human history. Great when reading other biographies or general history text.

Calculators and Conversions - Just some basic calculations for converting between units and general math calculations. Always great when working with any sort of numbers.

Dictionary and Thesaurus - Nice when writing anything in particular or reading a book. Gives you the opportunity to expand your literature knowledge.

Maps - When uncertain about geographical information.

Citation References - A must when writing a report or paper. Different methods require different means of referencing others, and it is good to know what style is appropriate for a certain situation.